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Terminal Emulation and Host Access Solutions for Airlines and the Travel Industry


The world’s major airlines count on Attachmate terminal emulation and host access solutions

With over two decades of experience working with airline and travel organizations, Attachmate consistently delivers the right solutions to meet the unique needs of this industry. We offer a variety of travel-specific products, from robust terminal emulation and web-to-host software, to high-volume printing and rapid application development tools. 

As the leader in host access solutions for the travel industry, Attachmate offers emulation solutions that allow access to a wide range of legacy systems over a multitude of protocols. Our solutions significantly increase employee productivity and minimize total cost of ownership, important benefits in an unpredictable economic environment.

Every day, the world’s major airlines count on Attachmate software and services to help passengers get to their destinations.

Attachmate airline and travel industry solutions include:

  • INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines
    With the ability to communicate over multiple protocols and access any major customer reservation system (CRS), INFOConnect terminal emulation is ideal for the airline and travel industry. It delivers rock-solid access to multiple hosts—TPF, Unisys, and IBM—from a single integrated desktop application, and significantly increases productivity and performance. Compatible with Windows 7, certified for Windows Vista, and designed for Windows XP, INFOConnect securely connects users to TPF/ALCS, IBM System z (mainframe), System i (AS/400), and UNIX/VMS systems.

  • Reflection for the Web 2014 Airlines Edition
    Reflection for the Web 2011 Airlines Edition securely connects web browser users—including industry employees and customers—to airline legacy systems, yielding competitive advantages and minimizing total cost of ownership. 
  • INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines Print and Transaction Router (PTR)
    Designed for airline/travel multidevice networks, PTR can be used to print data from virtually any source to any peripheral device. It supports shared printers and host devices, as well as intelligent devices, including card readers, specialized printers used for ticket generation, and point-of-sale terminals used to print receipts. Compatible with Windows 7 and certified for Windows Vista, PTR gives you confirmed bi-directional print delivery messaging and printer support.

  • Verastream Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys and Airlines
    Verastream SDK provides Java, COM, and .NET APIs for rapid development of custom Web applications for major airline reservations systems, extending access of TPF/ALC and UTS hosts.

  • INFOConnect Airlines Gateway
    Connect IBM-compatible PCs, LANs, WANs, or an intranet to one or more TPF/ALCS mainframes—including WorldSpan, Amadeus, Sabre, EDS Shares, and Apollo/Galileo. This efficient and economical gateway improves access via a single gateway using TCP/IP.

  • Unisys Open Message Switching Engine (OMSE)
    Message exchange among a variety of interfaces is enabled by this suite of Java classes. Designed for high flexibility and scalability, Unisys OMSE accommodates thousands of active sessions, and hundreds of airline transactions per second.
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