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Legacy Integration, Updated & Simplified
Verastream Approach Delivers Quick Mobile Deployments, SOA, and More

Verastream software has been called the Swiss Army knife of legacy integration. Using the most flexible  technologies available, Verastream can help you free up your valuable legacy assets for quick reuse in a variety of projects like these:

  • Mobile deployment
  • Process automation
  • Portal production  
  • Cloud migration
  • Service enablement
  • Service orchestration
  • Web enablement
  • CICS integration

Need to do enterprise integration, fast? See our one-page, two-sided solution brief “Service Enablement and Beyond: How Verastream Solutions Can Get You There”

Verastream tools provide a strategically incremental approach that reduces the time frames typically associated with other integration processes. The result is that all lines of business get agile applications that support their needs and make them more productive.

Reuse, Don’t Reinvent

The Verastream suite frees up functionality residing on legacy systems, so you can quickly react to changing business requirements.
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The key to Verastream performance lies in a complete range of mainframe and midrange tools that speed the reuse of your legacy applications. Equally important, Verastream uses best practices that allow all completed projects to become strategic components for reuse across the enterprise — even for mobile applications.

Here are some of our most popular Verastream offerings:

So, whether your goal is simply to improve the workflow of a legacy application or to retool it into a set of reusable services, Verastream solutions can help. And they can do it without making the legacy modernization project bigger than the driving business requirement.


3.5-Minute Video


From Emulation to MobileNow—The Attachmate Story
Watch this short video for a fun, informative ride through Attachmate’s 30+ year history of innovation—from the early days of terminal emulation to today’s MobileNow solutions.

Three-Minute Video


Sidetracked by Stealth Mobility Projects? Be Proactive and Avoid IT Headaches
Shows how to stay ahead of those one-off mobility projects in your enterprise. It uses an animated white-board format to address serious mobility issues in an entertaining way.

IBM Systems Magazine Report


Meeting the Demand for Mobile: IBM Systems Magazine Survey Results
Provides a snapshot of employee, customer, and business-partner challenges in the post-PC era. 537 mainframe professionals participated in the survey.



Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity
A mobility research director from Aberdeen discusses reasons for extending legacy applications to mobile devices, and an integration strategist from Attachmate shows how easy it can be.

Three-Minute Video


Defining the New Mobile Enterprise
Shows three different ways to deliver mobile applications while your core business systems continue to reliably perform their everyday operations.

Three-Minute Demo

Product Demo

Making Legacy Apps Available to Your Mobile Workforce
Shows how Verastream, an advanced mobile enterprise application platform, can make legacy applications seamlessly accessible to on-the-go audiences.

Six-Minute Demo

Product Demo

Verastream Host Integrator
Demonstrates ways to transform legacy-application data and logic into reusable services – even mobile-ready services.

Five-Minute Demo

Product Demo

Verastream Process Designer
Demonstrates ways to orchestrate legacy services, using BPEL, to create business workflows for newer technologies, including mobile devices.


Learn more
Quick Facts
FAQ for Legacy Modernization
Legacy Modernization Glossary

Quick Demos
Three-Minute demo on mobile enablement of legacy applications
Six-minute demo on legacy service enablement
Five-Minute demo on legacy service orchestration

Solution Briefs & White Papers
Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce With Applications You Already Have
Safe and Economical Reuse of Legacy Applications: When web enablement is the best fit
A Business-Driven Approach to Legacy Modernization: Rapid service enablement

Essentials Series
Cloud Enabling Legacy and Mainframe Applications
Mainframe Application Modernization
SOA and Mainframe Applications

Mobile Enablement
Presentation of three ways to deliver legacy applications to mobile devices.
Service Enablement
Overview of ways to create services for continuous reuse of legacy applications.
Web Enablement
Overview of ways to present a simplified UI for legacy applications.
Load Distribution and Failover
An engineer’s view of using server domains and load distribution.

Solving Real-World Problems
See how organizations like yours are using Verastream to keep pace with evolving business demands

Case Studies—Legacy Modernization in Action:
View any of these four-minute videos to see how Verastream helped tackle mainframe modernization with service enablement.
PPG subsidiary uses Verastream to service-enable host functionality
Verastream helps Freightliner become a 21st century logistics company
San Bernardino County webifies COBOL-based green screens from the 1980s

Timely Topics

Video: Sidetracked by Stealth Mobility Projects? Be Proactive and Avoid IT Headaches
Webcast: Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity
Meeting the Demand for Mobile: IBM Systems Magazine Survey
3.5-minute Video: San Bernardino County —Government CTO gives tips on legacy modernization
3-Minute Video: Defining the New Mobile Enterprise
4-minute Video: Teaching Legacy Application Elephants How to Dance
3-Minute Demo: Legacy Apps Go Mobile
3-minute Video: Modernizing Legacy Applications for Fun and Profit
Verastream Solutions
Service Oriented Architecture
Mobile Enabling Enterprise Applications
Cloud Enabling Mainframe Applications
Legacy Modernization Via Web Enablement
Contact Center Efficiency
Verastream Host Integrator
Six-Minute Product Demo
See a simple way to continuously reuse enterprise apps, however and whenever needed, while leaving legacy logic untouched.
Verastream Process Designer
Five-Minute Product Demo
See how you can orchestrate services, including legacy services, to create and control business processes – all through the use of open standards.
Service Enablement of Legacy Applications
Three-Minute Video
Learn how to service enable mainframe assets so they can adapt to today's business needs. You need only existing development skills, familiar IT tools.
Web Enablement of Legacy Applications
Three-Minute Video
Learn the quickest way to build a full-featured UI that can streamline navigation for all levels of users – with no disruption to daily operations.
Quick Facts 
FAQ for Legacy Modernization
Legacy Modernization Glossary
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