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Terminal Emulation
Our Reflection, EXTRA!, and INFOConnect solutions provide reliable connections to applications on IBM, HP, UNIX, Unisys, OpenVMS, Tandem, IBM TPF, and ALCS systems—from any web browser or Windows desktop. Advanced features are designed to strengthen host security, provide centralized management capabilities, improve user productivity, and support existing and emerging technologies (including Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).
Reflection 2014 terminal emulators
Reflection Security Gateway
Reflection for the Web
INFOConnect Terminal Emulation for Unisys and Airlines
Reflection 14.1 terminal emulators
EXTRA! Terminal Emulation
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Managed File Transfer
With Attachmate’s managed file transfer solutions—FileXpress and Reflection for Secure IT—you can meet your modern file transfer challenges head on. These product families provide a range of tactical and strategic solutions for securely transferring files of any size, across all major platforms, to any location.
Reflection for Secure IT
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Legacy Modernization
With Verastream integration tools, you can expose business processes as reusable web services, XML, JavaBeans, or .NET components. Verastream-generated services can be mixed, matched, and selectively combined to extend legacy functionality to new users or composite applications. No code changes to legacy applications are required.
Verastream Host Integrator
Verastream Terminal Client
Verastream Process Designer
Verastream Bridge Integrator
PC X Server
The Reflection family of X servers connects Windows, UNIX, and Linux users to graphical UNIX applications and desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, and CDE). These high-powered solutions deliver rich, precise graphics with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Advanced features allow users to suspend and resume sessions, share X sessions, and securely access X applications—locally or across the globe.
Reflection X 2014
Reflection Pro 2014
Reflection X 14.1  
Reflection Suite for X 14.1
For more than 15 years, Attachmate has provided a range of proven host access solutions for Unisys mainframe customers. Solutions include terminal emulation and browser-based access for T27, UTS, IBM, and UNIX/VMS; legacy host integration and application development tools; and a comprehensive ETL solution for DMSII data integration and migration.
INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys
Reflection for the Web 2014 Unisys Edition
Verastream Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys and Airlines
Airlines and Travel Industry
With over two decades of experience working with airline and travel organizations, Attachmate delivers a variety of travel-specific solutions, including robust terminal emulation and host access software, web-to-host products, high volume printing, and rapid application development tools.
INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines
INFOConnect Airlines Gateway
Reflection for the Web 2014 Airlines Edition
INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines Print and Transaction Router (PTR)
Verastream Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys and Airlines
Unisys OMSE (Open Message Switching Engine)


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