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Attachmate Maintenance and Support Program

Protect your IT investments. Keep pace with technology changes.

With its team of highly trained support engineers, the Attachmate Maintenance and Support Program helps you minimize business risks, reduce the burden on in-house support staff, ease transition to new technologies, enhance productivity, and lower total cost of ownership. We offer two plans, plus a 24x7 Add-On, to fit the demands of your particular business.

The Basic Maintenance and Support Plan is designed to handle the needs of most of our customers. But for particularly challenging and complicated projects, and business-critical applications that cannot be offline for even a moment, our Elite Plan offers support around the clock.


Maintenance and Support Plan

With Basic Maintenance and Support coverage, our certified support professionals are standing by ready to help when you need assistance resolving your most critical issues. The Basic Plan also includes product version upgrades, service packs, and online service request management at no additional charge.

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Maintenance and Support Plan

As an Elite Maintenance and Support subscriber, you get direct access to a senior Technical Account Manager who learns all about your implementation and effectively becomes an extension of your team. You'll be able to contact your technician without waiting in the phone queue.

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24x7 Add-On

Elite Plan subscribers are eligible to purchase 24x7 support to ensure round-the-clock service of mission-critical applications. The Elite 24x7 Add-On is sold per product category.

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Why purchase Attachmate Maintenance and Support?

Technical Support is available only with a current Maintenance and Support plan. Also, Maintenance and Support assures you access to product-related benefits, such as free product version upgrades, service packs, and other exclusive file downloads.

Compare Maintenance and Support Plans

Download the Attachmate Maintenance and Support Program Brochure.

Download the Attachmate Elite Maintenance and Support Program Brochure.


How to Purchase or Renew Maintenance and Support

Typically, a Maintenance and Support Plan is purchased at the time of your initial Attachmate software purchase and is renewed annually by your Maintenance anniversary. You can add licenses to your Maintenance and Support Plan(s) as you acquire new Attachmate products. Each Attachmate product must be covered by its own Maintenance and Support Plan. Maintenance and Support for a specified product must be purchased for all license units of that product.

Customers with a Maintenance and Support Plan receive support for their products at a level defined by the Attachmate
Product Support Lifecycle.

For information about purchasing a Maintenance and Support Plan:



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