Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant and More Secure

Most people don't think of email as a file transfer solution, but that's exactly what it is. Every time you send an email attachment, you are transferring a file. In fact, a survey performed by Osterman Research reveals that while only 22% of emails sent contain attachments, more than 90% of the bits flowing through an email system are accounted for by these attachments.

Email is an intuitive and easy file transfer method for employees to use for exchanging files both internally and externally with partners and clients. But it has some problems. Consider the number of helpdesk calls that are related to email attachment issues, file-size limitations, and full inboxes, to name a few.

That's because email wasn't designed to be a file transfer solution.

In this Osterman Research produced white paper, Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant and More Secure, you will learn about:

  • The importance of finding a better alternative to email as a file-sharing mechanism.
  • Changing trends in file transfer that drive the need for secure and reliable user-to-user easy file transfer.
  • Issues to consider when selecting a solution for user-driven file transfer.

Download the easy file transfer white paper here (PDF).

The benefits of managed file transfer

Using email as your primary user-driven file transfer solution puts undue strain on your email system. IT also poses risks related to the ungoverned and nonsecure movement of files.

When your organization moves to a managed file transfer solution, such as Attachmate FileXpress, you'll find yourself automatically resolving email storage and business process efficiency issues—and simultaneously reducing overall corporate risk. Imagine being able to:

  • Eliminate helpdesk calls asking for waivers for attachment size limits.
  • Reduce helpdesk calls resulting from the inability to send emails due to inboxes filled with email attachments.
  • Automate the work of provisioning external file transfers, taking it off of the backs of IT professionals.
  • Easily transfer sensitive files over encrypted communications channels.
  • Allow users to receive notification when an attachment has been received.
  • Do all of this while allowing users to initiate these file transfers from within their email client.


Attachmate FileXpress provides these capabilities, allowing you to achieve the important considerations noted in the white paper including:

  • Business process alignment.
  • Lower IT costs.
  • Access control.
  • Compliance with corporate governance requirements.
  • Improved file transfer performance.

The value of Attachmate FileXpress is not limited to user-driven file transfers. FileXpress also delivers the full spectrum of secure and managed file transfer benefits—benefits that span user-to-user, business-to-business, server-to-server, and application-to-application file exchanges.

Attachmate FileXpress helps IT organizations that are looking to maintain a reliable data infrastructure, balance data security with business efficiency, and respond quickly to new business initiatives. With FileXpress providing secure and managed file transfer services, your organization will be able to protect its business data supply lines, leverage data security to improve efficiency, and quickly build supportable file transfer capabilities into your custom applications.

Open the PDF to read the full paper.