Reflection Pro 2014

Windows-based PC X server software technology, terminal emulation software and secure FTP client for IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP hosts.

Attachmate Reflection Pro 2014 offers terminal emulation software, X server technologies, and a file transfer client—all in one deployment package. This integrated solution lets you securely access mission-critical applications on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP systems from any modern Windows desktop, locally or across the globe. It quickly renders rich, precise X graphics using new compression technology, and allows users to resume suspended X programs from any platform. With Reflection Pro 2014, you get next-generation terminal emulation plus powerful X server capability.

With Reflection Pro 2014, you can:

  • Deploy a single product that meets the full spectrum of host access needs. 

  • Connect Windows users to graphical and text-based applications on IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, UNIX, OpenVMS, Linux, and HP hosts. 

  • Access legacy applications via mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1.  

  • Upgrade to the latest release of Reflection Pro with minimal business risk and disruption. 

  • Easily add modern user interface elements to IBM host applications with SmartUx—without touching the host application.  

  • Suspend and resume X sessions across Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms. 

  • Protect your networks with support for the latest security standards and protocols, including SSH encryption, PKI, and IPv6. 

  • Enable remote users to establish secure connections to X client applications behind the corporate firewall. 

  • Share X sessions in real time to collaborate with colleagues around the world. 

  • Work the way you’re used to working with built-in templates for common keyboard layouts. 

What's New in Reflection Pro 2014?

  • Windows 8.1 Compatible, Compatible with Windows 7, Citrix Ready, and VMware Ready logos. 

  • TouchUx for full-featured emulation on enterprise-ready mobile devices. 

  • SmartUx for modernizing IBM host applications using Reflection VBA or the .NET API. 

  • Integration with Reflection Security Gateway for host access control and centralized management.* 

  • Updated user interface for easier configuration deployment and management. 

  • Stronger security with Java 7, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, and SHA-256 digital signatures. 

  • Easier migration to Reflection X Advantage so users can benefit from next-generation features. 

  • Advanced features for X administrators to centrally control and lock down end user configurations. 

  • Suspend/resume support for 3-D (GLX) X-client applications. 

You can seamlessly copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and UNIX-based applications.

You can access graphical X window environments, run terminal-based applications, and transfer files—all with a single product installation.