The Forward-Thinking Emulator

What you need. Before you know you need it.

It's not just about terminal emulation anymore. It's about staying ahead of what's going on around it. Countless innovations after our first game-changing emulator, Reflection 2014 raises the bar once again. Every feature is designed to deliver something truly useful to you. Not just today, but tomorrow too.

At a Glance

Put Reflection into users' hands

Connect desktop and mobile users to the wealthiest corporate data banks of all—your legacy hosts. Make information on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, HP, and X11 apps available to them whenever, wherever, however they need it.

Reflection 2014 runs smoothly on the platforms you employ today—and the ones you'll be using tomorrow.

Deliver easy and familiar

Make host apps as easy to use as Office apps. Add modern user-interface elements. Put Microsoft Office productivity features to work. Now your users can do their best work, wherever they are.

Reflection 2014 makes host applications easy to use.

Control IT complexity

Manage host sessions with ease. Centralized tools and built-in support for Microsoft Office and Windows make it easy to configure, secure, deploy, and update Reflection.

Protect corporate data

Use layers of security to shield data in motion and at rest.
Get compliant with security mandates in the process.


Boost mobile productivity
with TouchUx

Overcome small-device limitations. Use your Citrix platform and the Reflection TouchUx feature to deliver a look and feel that's consistent with native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Optimize the experience of interacting with data on small screens, so users can work in ways that are instantly familiar.

 Video: TouchUx with Reflection 2014

Simplify and speed up deployment

Use the industry-standard Microsoft Installer (MSI) to deploy Reflection. The Attachmate Customization Toolkit, which leverages MSI versioning, makes it easy to manage all your custom user files.

"Thanks to Attachmate Reflection, migrating our clients to Windows 7 was a cinch."

Volker Kunze
Software Developer

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The Attachmate Customization Toolkit makes it easy to manage all your custom user files.

Maintain centralized control

Centrally deploy, update, and secure sessions and macros with Reflection Security Gateway*, an optional add-on to your Reflection emulation clients.

With Reflection Security Gateway, you can centrally create and deploy key terminal emulation configurations to hundreds or thousands of user desktops.

Save thousands of
keystrokes every day

Automate routine or repetitive tasks with built-in VBA support. Take advantage of Office productivity features like AutoComplete, AutoExpand, Spell Check, Scratch Pad, and Recent Typing. Users will appreciate working in familiar ways—like copying host data into a Word doc, email, or PowerPoint slide with a single click.

"I have used several terminal emulation solutions in the past, but none of them had the flexibility and ease of programming that Reflection offers. We have a number of repetitive processes—for example, policy confirmation and end-of-day report generation—that drain on our resources. Using Reflection, we automated those processes quickly and easily, which has improved staff productivity and data-entry accuracy."

Derek Roberts
Systems Director
Renew Insurance

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Reflection 2014 products makes it easy for users to save time.

Ensure the highest level
of security

Sleep well at night knowing that your emulation solution provides military-strength security at every level. From FIPS 140-2 validation, TLS 1.2 encryption, and SHA-256/RSA-2048 digital signatures to PCI DSS compliance, DoD PKI certification, and patented Secure Token Authorization*, Reflection 2014 has you covered.

Reflection's data masking feature protects sensitive customer information and helps enable PCI compliance.

*Requires a Reflection Security Gateway license.

Product Editions

Reflection 2014

A Windows-based terminal emulator that connects users to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP hosts from their desktops or mobile devices.

Reflection Pro 2014

An integrated Windows-based terminal emulation, PC X server, and file transfer solution that connects users to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, HP, and X11 applications from their desktops or mobile devices.

Reflection for
NonStop 2014 Add-On

A Windows-based terminal emulator that connects users to HP NonStop/Tandem systems from their desktops or mobile devices.


Analyst paper

Aberdeen Group Report—Extending Application Access With a Single Emulation Solution: A Case in Point

The mainframe might be old school, but it’s not going anywhere. A new case study from the Aberdeen Group reveals how standardizing on a single modern terminal emulator helped a large global financial institution deliver modern services on mature technology.

Customer story

Datasheet: Reflection Pro 2014

Attachmate® Reflection® Pro 2014 offers terminal emulation software, X server technologies, and a file transfer client—all in one deployment package. This integrated solution lets you securely access mission-critical applications on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP systems from any modern Windows desktop, locally or across the globe. It quickly renders rich, precise X graphics using new compression technology, and allows users to resume suspended X programs from any platform. With Reflection Pro 2014, you get next-generation terminal emulation plus powerful X server capability.


Novell File Management Suite

Take control of your data with Novell File Management Suite. Implement effective data loss and data governance with a complete file management solution that leverages your current identity management system.


Reflection 2014 Datasheet

Designed to help meet all of your host access needs, Attachmate Reflection 2014 allows you to connect to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP host types.


Standardize Your Terminal Emulation with a Proven Methodology

Are you thinking about standardizing on one terminal emulator, but are concerned about disruption, workload, and complexity? If so, watch this video to learn a field-tested method for finding, analyzing, deduping, converting, and consolidating your existing emulation files—straight from the experts at Attachmate Consulting Services.


TouchUx for Reflection 2014

This video demonstrates the mobile and touchscreen capabilities built into the Reflection 2014 product line. This can allow you to run Legacy applications on tablets and other mobile devices without rewriting your underlying applications.