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"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Big Iron. Host. Mainframe. Call them what you will, these trusty machines still store the data that drives your business. For 30+ years, Reflection terminal emulation software has worked behind the scenes to connect people to that data. Pharmacists. Air traffic controllers. Ticket agents. Your neighbors. Even your 90-year-old grandmother. Reflection makes life easier for everyone. And that's a beautiful thing.

Reflection overview

Connect people to the data they need

Connect business users and customers to your data-rich IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP systems. Let them use their device of choice—whether it's a Windows PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Personalize sessions to ensure a great user experience.

Manage with ease and efficiency

Maintain control over your changing sea of desktops and devices. Configure, secure, deploy, and update host sessions. Customize them for individuals and groups. Speed up software migrations. Track usage and license compliance. Do it all from one central location.

Stay nimble, stay ahead of the game

Quickly respond to new and better ways of doing business. Reflection supports a mix of existing and emerging technologies to maximize your flexibility. As your needs evolve, so will Reflection. Deploy with confidence.

"With Reflection, we can install, configure, secure, and monitor both web- and Windows-based terminal sessions from one central location. There's no need for costly, time-consuming trips to every user desktop."

Ben McLarin
Senior Manager of Information Technology
Baptist Health

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Product portfolio

A Windows-based family of terminal emulators that gives users anywhere, anytime access to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, HP, and X11 hosts from their desktops or mobile devices.

A Windows-based family of terminal emulators that connects users to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP hosts. Each product is designed to boost user productivity, simplify desktop management, and safeguard critical data.

A web-based family of terminal emulators that connects browser users to IBM, UNIX, Linux, Unisys, OpenVMS, and HP hosts, along with the wide range of systems used by the airline and travel industries. Easily installed on any web server and downloaded to the desktop on demand, these products simplify management, boost productivity, and keep your data secure.

A powerful add-on product that works with your existing Identity Access Management (IAM) system to centrally manage and secure Reflection, Extra!, and InfoConnect terminal emulation sessions.

A Windows-based family of PC X servers that connects Windows users to graphical and text-based applications on UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, IBM, and HP hosts. From classic to cutting-edge capabilities, Reflection X 2014 has you covered.


Analyst paper

Aberdeen Group Report—Extending Application Access With a Single Emulation Solution: A Case in Point

The mainframe might be old school, but it’s not going anywhere. A new case study from the Aberdeen Group reveals how standardizing on a single modern terminal emulator helped a large global financial institution deliver modern services on mature technology.

Customer story
Customer story

Attachmate Reflection X 2014 Datasheet

With Attachmate Reflection X 2014, Windows users can quickly access rich, precise X graphics applications from any modern Windows desktop—locally or across the globe. Delivering enhanced support for remote users, more powerful administrative control, and LDAP authentication to better protect host applications, this next-generation X server gives you the flexibility you want and the security you can’t do without.

Customer story
Customer story

Datasheet: Reflection Pro 2014

Attachmate® Reflection® Pro 2014 offers terminal emulation software, X server technologies, and a file transfer client—all in one deployment package. This integrated solution lets you securely access mission-critical applications on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP systems from any modern Windows desktop, locally or across the globe. It quickly renders rich, precise X graphics using new compression technology, and allows users to resume suspended X programs from any platform. With Reflection Pro 2014, you get next-generation terminal emulation plus powerful X server capability.


Novell File Management Suite

Take control of your data with Novell File Management Suite. Implement effective data loss and data governance with a complete file management solution that leverages your current identity management system.

Customer story
Customer story

Reflection 2014 Datasheet

Designed to help meet all of your host access needs, Attachmate Reflection 2014 allows you to connect to IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP host types.

Tech spec

Reflection for IBM 14.1

Reflection for IBM is terminal emulation software that connects Windows users to applications on IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems. Built to safeguard data, boost user productivity, and simplify desktop management, Reflection easily meets all your host access needs.

Customer story

Standardize Your Terminal Emulation with a Proven Methodology

Are you thinking about standardizing on one terminal emulator, but are concerned about disruption, workload, and complexity? If so, watch this video to learn a field-tested method for finding, analyzing, deduping, converting, and consolidating your existing emulation files—straight from the experts at Attachmate Consulting Services.


TouchUx for Reflection 2014

This video demonstrates the mobile and touchscreen capabilities built into the Reflection 2014 product line. This can allow you to run Legacy applications on tablets and other mobile devices without rewriting your underlying applications.

Customer story

Webinar: Securing Host Access with Reflection Security Gateway

Watch the webinar now and find out how to extend your modern security and authentication to your host applications without requiring changes to the host system.


Webinar: The Evolution of File Transfer

We hope that you find the webinar interesting. For any further information please contact your local Attachmate office.