EXTRA! Terminal Emulation


Secure, Productivity-Focused Host Access

With Attachmate EXTRA! terminal emulation products, Windows users can securely connect to applications running on IBM System z (Mainframe), IBM System i (AS/400), UNIX/Linux/OpenVMS (VT), and HP NonStop/Tandem systems.

EXTRA! provides maximum security for accessing valuable legacy host data, as well as seamless compatibility with new and evolving technologies. Integrated with Microsoft Office, EXTRA! allows users to easily access familiar Office productivity features from within the EXTRA! framework. With EXTRA!, you can boost user productivity and ensure secure, reliable connections from any desktop to any host.

EXTRA! X-treme

With more powerful customization and automation tools, bolstered SSH security, and integration with the latest platforms and technologies, EXTRA! X-treme provides the advanced security and flexibility you need to get the most from your mainframe applications.

EXTRA! 6530 Client Option

EXTRA! 6530 Client Option terminal emulation software works with EXTRA! X-treme to connect Windows users to HP NonStop/Tandem systems. Integrated with Microsoft Office, this productivity-focused emulator allows users to automate routine tasks, eliminate redundant keystrokes, and simplify complex functions—all within a familiar Microsoft interface.