INFOConnect Enterprise
Edition for Unisys

Windows 7-Ready Unisys Terminal Emulation

Productivity-Focused Emulation for the Unisys Enterprise

"Attachmate INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys delivers secure, multi-host access from a single, integrated desktop application. INFOConnect helps extend the value of mainframe applications and accelerate employee productivity, reducing costs enterprise-wide.

INFOConnect also provides an option to further extend the reach of host access to IBM System z, System i, and UNIX/OpenVMS systems. Because all emulation types run within a single application framework, multi-host access is streamlined and increases overall efficiency.

Never before has a T27 or UTS emulator combined emulation technology with a comprehensive, productivity-focused feature set comparable to that found in Microsoft Office applications. Only INFOConnect makes Unisys applications an integral part of the Office products that you use every day—because now Word, Outlook, and host emulation all work together. "

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition version 9.2 key benefits:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7
  • Integrated with Reflection Security Gateway for centralized management and bolstered security
  • Supports patented secure token authorization technology for an extra layer of security in front of the host
  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications
    • Supports new and evolving technologies to ease migration to new platforms
    • Includes special productivity features—including Spell Check, Screen History, Auto Complete, and Auto Expand—for improved user efficiency
  • Protects sensitive data with macro encryption
  • Supports IPv6
  • Includes Reflection Secure FTP Client
    • Enhanced data protection to meet strict security standards
  • Specially designed for ClearPath MCP printing
  • Certified for FIPS 140-2
  • Complies with DoD PKI
  • Supports SSL for secure host access
  • Custom installation functionality