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In the world of IT, the only predictable thing is change. That’s why you’ll want to take advantage of the latest, fastest, and most economical way to keep pace with technology changes. One of the Attachmate webcasts below might help you kick-start your next business initiative.

 Recorded Webcasts
Managed File Transfer
Eliminating Insecure File Transfer
Learn how to enable users to send files of any size via email—without jeopardizing corporate security or overloading your email server.

Managing Real World File Transfer Complexity with FileXpress
Learn how FileXpress meets the challenge of internal and external file transfers, from audit and security requirements to LDAP integration.

Managing Secure, Compliant Email File Transfers with FileXpress FileShot
Learn how FileXpress FileShot facilitates the management of email attachments via policies, rules, security, and storage control.

The Evolution of File Transfer
Explore the evolution of file transfer and find out if your existing solution has kept pace in terms of automation, reliability, security, and management capabilities.

Get the Facts on Managed File Transfer
Get a quick overview of managed file transfer (MFT), including why it’s more effective than traditional file transfer methods and what to look for in an MFT solution.

Legacy Modernization
Mobile Enable Your Critical Applications
In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how Attachmate MobileNow solutions can deliver fully functional enterprise applications—even your locked-down mainframe apps—to the mobile devices that employees know and love.

Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity
Mobility experts from Aberdeen and Attachmate show how easy it can be to extend legacy applications to the spectrum of mobile devices.

CRM 2012: Leveraging a Fully Integrated 360-Degree Customer View
This webcast presents business and technological tips for improving customer relationship management. Two experts discuss recent research, successful business models, and the latest software solutions for real-time, fully enabled CRM.

Solving Business-Driven Modernization
In this presentation from the iDev News conference, you’ll learn about a noninvasive approach to service enablement that leaves your critical business functions untouched. It even walks you through the four simple steps to ensure a rapid and reusable legacy integration project.

Optimizing Contact Center Productivity
In this webcast, discover new strategies for maximizing productivity, improving operating efficiency, and controlling costs with today’s best contact-center technology solutions from Microsoft and Attachmate.

Service-Enabling Legacy Applications: Where to Start
Learn about a non-invasive approach for exposing your legacy business processes as web services, J2EE objects, or .NET components.

Extending Legacy to SOA
Find out how you can quickly reuse host functionality in web, portal, CRM, or contact-center solutions.

Recharging Mainframe Solutions for Complex Supply Chains
Learn how to unlock, reuse, and profit from your host assets.

Turning Mainframe Banking and Insurance Applications Into SOA Building Blocks
Learn about advanced ways to expose financial business processes as reusable web services, XML, JavaBeans, and .NET components.

Service-Enabling CICS Applications: Best Practices
A successful integration plan addresses the most effective use of your CICS assets. Learn key questions to ask before you begin.

Data Integration
The Continuing Strategic Role of Mainframe Data
Unisphere Research polled Unisys® users about their applications and databases, upgrade/migration plans, views on the strategic importance of DMSII databases, extraction tools deployed, and the desired features in a DMSII tool. In the webcast, Dr. Elliot King presents a summary of the survey’s findings. Discover what other organizations are doing to extract, transform, and load Unisys data.

Extract and Transform MCP Host Data for Improved Analysis and Decision Support
Now more than ever before, decision makers from every area within an organization require access to business critical information in order to make faster, more informed decisions, while gaining significant insight into the key performance indicators that drive their businesses.

Terminal Emulation
Securing Host Access with Reflection Security Gateway
In this short webinar, learn how Reflection Security Gateway quickly extends your modern security and authentication to your host applications without requiring changes to the host system. 

Minimising Risks and Costs Related to Your Host Access with Reflection Security Gateway
In this short webinar you will learn how Reflection Security Gateway allows you to implement an enforceable access control layer between your terminal emulation users and your host systems—without having to make changes to the host itself.

Reflection 2011: A Terminal Emulator optimized for Windows 7
Learn how Reflection 2011 helps you take advantage of desktop virtualization technologies, increase user productivity, enhance security, and get the most out of your Windows 7 investment.

Reflection 2011: Securing Your Host Applications 
Reflection 2011 makes it easier to meet strict security requirements without having to retrofit your existing host applications. See firsthand how this next-generation emulator can help you restrict user access, secure connections, and protect your host data.

Reflection 2011 – Installation, Migration, Standardisation and Virtualisation
Discover how you can reduce the number of applications you need to manage—and improve IT efficiency—by standardizing on just one terminal emulator.

Unisys / Security 
Integrating the Unisys Mainframe into Modern Security Architectures
Learn how to bring modern, multi-layered security to traditional green-screen applications, without modifying the host.

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