Your Basic Maintenance and Support coverage gives you immediate access to certified support professionals who are ready to help you resolve your most critical issues. The Basic Plan also includes product version upgrades, service packs, and online service request management at no additional charge.

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As an Elite Maintenance and Support subscriber, you get direct access to a senior technical account manager who learns all about your implementation and effectively becomes an extension of your team. You'll be able to contact your technician without waiting in the phone queue.

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Elite 24x7 Add-On

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Protect your IT investments. Keep pace with technology changes.

Typically, a Maintenance and Support Plan is purchased at the time of your initial Attachmate software purchase and is renewed annually by your Maintenance anniversary. You can add licenses to your Maintenance and Support Plan(s) as you acquire new Attachmate products. Each Attachmate product must be covered by its own Maintenance and Support Plan. Maintenance and Support for a specified product must be purchased for all license units of that product.

Customers with a Maintenance and Support Plan receive support for their products at a level defined by the Attachmate Product Support Lifecycle.

Running an older version of Attachmate software? Learn more about our Extended Support Program.

Want to purchase a Maintenance and Support Plan?

Product Version Upgrades, Service Packs, and Other Exclusive File Downloads at No Additional Charge

Attachmate products keep pace with changes in the IT environment, building in new technologies, supporting new operating systems, and adding security and management features. Maintained customers are eligible to receive these additional features at no cost when a new version is released. Your login information gives you access to service packs and other file downloads for the products covered by your Maintenance.

Online Service Request Management You can bypass the phone-screening process by managing your service requests online. Open a new request or update and check status for existing requests online, at your convenience.

Online Access to Entitlement Information

Use your login information to access your entitlement information, including licensed quantities and maintenance information.

Unlimited web access to a comprehensive solution library

Our comprehensive library of solutions is at your disposal all day, every day. You can use our solution library as a self-help tool to solve your issues. Search the content for solutions to common issues, and browse the site for up-to-date information about security announcements or service pack releases.

Reduced License Costs with Volume Price-level Protection

If you renew Maintenance and Support on all maintained products by the renewal date, you will carry forward existing volume discounts into the next year.

Trade-in Options at Discounted Prices

If you have Maintenance and Support, you can trade maintained seats of one Attachmate product for another at the low volume upgrade price.

Discounts on multiyear renewals

As a maintained customer, you are eligible to receive a discount on pricing when you renew maintenance for more than one year.

Cumulative Maintenance Volume Discounts

You can increase your volume discount level by combining Maintenance on multiple Attachmate emulation and security products.

Special pricing for Attachmate technical training

Maintained customers receive a discount on technical training offered by Attachmate. We offer real-time web-based training or onsite training.

Authorized Technical Support Contacts *

With the Basic Maintenance and Support Plan, you may designate up to four people within your organization who can submit an unlimited number of service requests to our pool of support technicians.

With the Elite Maintenance and Support Plan you may designate up to eight people within your organization who can submit an unlimited number of service requests to a dedicated Technical Account Manager.

Strategically selecting support contacts will maximize the benefits of your Maintenance and Support investment. It is advisable to designate IT people in the organization who are responsible for testing, deploying, and/or supporting Attachmate products in their enterprise.

A designated technician as your single point of contact

As an Elite Maintenance and Support Plan subscriber, you will have a designated Technical Account Manager who serves as your single point of contact for service requests and who will become familiar with your IT environment.

Priority Service Request Handling

Priority service request handling gives Elite Maintenance and Support Plan subscriber issues the highest priority within Attachmate Technical Support.

High visibility for product enhancement requests

Our Technical Support engineers can help you define product enhancement requests and act as your advocate in proposing requests to our development team.

Product Support Lifecycle Override

Once an Attachmate product is deemed Discontinued, Elite Maintenance and Support customers continue to receive an additional 12 months of interactive Technical Support for their product.

Annual Site Visit

As an Elite Maintenance and Support Plan subscriber and at your request, your Technical Account Manager will visit your site to address your most pressing issues and questions. Possible discussion topics include deployment, security, standardization, scripting, configuration management, and time-saving tips and tricks. This is your chance to learn from the people who know our products better than anyone. If you choose, you can reverse your site visit by traveling to Attachmate headquarters where you can meet with technical staff, product managers, and executive staff. (Available in North America and EMEA.)

Target Response Time

The Elite Maintenance and Support Plan targets a one-hour response time to your service requests during regular Attachmate business hours. After hours, Elite 24x7 Add-On customers can expect a one-hour target response time for Severity 1** issues.

With the Basic Maintenance and Support plan, Technical Support responds to service requests based on the severity and impact of the problem. See the Guide to Working with Support for details.

24x7 optional add-on available

If you have the Elite 24x7 Add-On, during regular Attachmate business hours your call will be forwarded to your Support Analyst. Support is available to you after hours if you have a Severity 1** issue. Call the toll-free phone number to speak to an operator at a messaging service. Once your plan is verified, the operator will record your description of the problem, which will be played back to the Technical Account Manager (TAM) who receives the call. The TAM will then contact you within a one-hour target.

Maintenance and Support fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. Detailed terms and conditions are specified in the current Attachmate Maintenance Plan document.

  • Coterminous maintenance: All Maintenance purchased during the Maintenance term will be synchronized to your existing Maintenance expiration date.
  • Full maintenance policy: Customers purchasing Maintenance for a product must purchase Maintenance on all licenses of the product on the Volume Purchase Account (VPA). Attachmate does not offer partial Maintenance.
  • Full upgrade policy: Customers wishing to activate Maintenance on product that does not have current Maintenance must upgrade all copies of that product prior to purchasing Maintenance on any copies of the product.
  • Maintenance with add-on licenses: Maintenance fees are due with each additional license order or on designate