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Federal Government Solutions
Secure Host Access. Managed File Transfer. Enterprise Fraud Management.

Meet Your Most Demanding Directives

Federal Government Solutions: Secure Host Access. Managed File Transfer. Enterprise Fraud Management.

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Today, federal agencies must be able to meet more stringent IT standards than ever before—from complying with FISMA and FIPS requirements to securing sensitive data in motion.

Our solutions help U.S. government agencies boost the strength, flexibility, and security of their IT. We provide you with the tools you need to confidently deliver strong IT security for your host access and networks, implement SOA, thwart insider fraud, and meet strict regulations.

We even offer our own dedicated team based in Herndon, VA, which specializes in helping government agencies fulfill their most challenging IT mandates. 

Read on to find out how you can benefit from Attachmate solutions.

Benefits of Using an Attachmate Solution

Summary of Modern Security: Three-Tier Architecture. (Click image to enlarge)

Comply with Federal Requirements and Regulations 

  • Meet FISMA requirements
  • Comply with FIPS 140-2, Section 508, HIPAA, and FDCC/USGCB requirements
  • Utilize JITC-certified DoD PKI/PKE
  • Use Attachmate products seamlessly with Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Find Attachmate products on various Federal Buying Vehicles, such as GSA and SEWP

Strengthen Your Security 

  • Secure your file transfer—from authentication to delivery
  • Encrypt and authenticate through PKI legacy host access sessions and X terminal sessions
  • Benefit from native IPv6 support in all security solutions

Modernize Your Legacy Applications with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 

  • Implement Legacy as a Service (LaaS)
  • Expose legacy applications as web services
  • Achieve rapid deployment and strong ROI

Eliminate Fraud with Insider Threat Detection

  • Generate a complete audit trail of user access to sensitive information—with visual, screen-by-screen playback
  • Define robust rules and alerts that respond to suspicious activity in real time
  • Reveal user activity patterns and trends across diverse departments and applications


Attachmate Tools and Solutions for Government Agencies
Secure Host Access
Reflection 2014 can mask data as it is being typed into host sessions.
Reflection 2014 can mask data as it is being typed into host sessions. (Click image to enlarge)
Blogs and Webcasts
Reflection 2011: Securing Your Host Applications
Integrating the Unisys Mainframe into Modern Security Architectures

Quick Demos
Improve Your Productivity
Secure Your Emulation 
Standardize Your Terminal Emulation with a Proven Methodology
Technology Solutions
Reflection 2014
Our next-generation terminal emulators support Windows 7, critical virtualization technologies, and diverse security architectures. They give you even greater customization control—plus an extra layer of security for the host.
Reflection for the Web
With strong encryption and authentication capabilities, Reflection for the Web terminal emulation software safely delivers fully functioning host applications across the public Internet.
Reflection Security Gateway
Add your crucial legacy hosts into a modern security architecture without touching the host and leverage an up-to-date approach to defending green-screen applications.

White Papers and Guides
The Move to Standardized Terminal Emulation: Five questions to help you find the right vendor
Advance Your PCI Compliance with Reflection 2011
Safeguarding Cardholder Account Data: How Reflection Software Facilitates PCI Compliance
Attachmate Product Certifications
Creating Solutions with Reflection and MS VBA
Cloud Computing and SOA Enablement for Legacy

The Verastream suite frees up functionality residing on legacy systems, so you can quickly react to changing business requirements.
(Click image to enlarge)
Quick Demos
Six-minute demo on legacy service enablement
Five-minute demo on legacy service orchestration

Blogs and Webcasts
Application Integration—the Attachmate blog on legacy modernization and other technology trends
Service-Enabling Legacy Applications: Where to Start
Extending Legacy to SOA
Turning Mainframe Banking and Insurance Applications Into SOA Building Blocks

White Papers and Guides
Shortcut Guide to Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods
Fundamentals of Service Orientation
Turning Financial Mainframe Applications into SOA Building Blocks
Technology Solutions
Verastream Legacy Modernization Solutions
With the Verastream integration suite, you can expose business processes as reusable web services, XML, JavaBeans, or .NET components. Verastream-generated services can be mixed, matched, and selectively combined to extend legacy functionality to new users or composite applications.  

Managed File Transfer

Internal intra-server transfers with FileXpress Platform Server.
Technology Solutions
Reflection for Secure IT and FileXpress
With Attachmate’s managed file transfer solutions, you can meet your modern file transfer challenges head on.
Blogs and Webcasts
Data in Motion—the Attachmate blog on data security and file transfer

White Papers and Guides
Secure Data Streaming with Attachmate FileXpress


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