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Mobile Access
Learn the advantages of the Attachmate MobileNow approach. This solution center provides a roadmap for businesses seeking the fastest and most reliable move to mobile, with the best mix of flexibility and control.
Zero-Footprint Mainframe Access
Get tips for making mainframe applications drive hybrid computing in your enterprise. From terminal emulation to turnkey mobile apps: you’ll find out how to do it with zero impact on the traditional desktop or the mobile device.
Managed File Transfer
Find out how the new class of managed file transfer products can overcome today’s file transfer problems—problems that old FTP is not equipped to handle.
Legacy Applications and Service Oriented Architecture
Find a wide range of resources for unlocking and service enabling legacy assets so you can use them with modern technologies.
Legacy Modernization Via Web Enablement
Jump-start your modernization strategy by using this resource center for legacy web enablement and rejuvenation.
Cloud Enabling Mainframe Applications
Remove legacy impediments to doing business in the cloud and get answers you can use today, in this cloud-specific resource portal.
Federal Government Solutions
Find the tools you need to deliver strong security for your host access and networks, implement SOA, thwart insider fraud—and fulfill your most challenging IT mandates.
Top Reasons to Move to Reflection 2014
Find out why Reflection 2014 is designed to meet your needs better than other terminal emulators on the market.
Windows 7 and Host Access
For Windows 7, learn what you can expect from our next-gen terminal emulators.
Windows 8 and Host Access
For Windows 8, learn what you can expect from our next-gen terminal emulators.
Meet Virtualization Challenges Head On
Find resources for integrating your Attachmate product with your virtualization platform—and optimize your legacy host access.
Contact Center Efficiency
Find answers for making better use of your legacy applications in today’s contact centers.
Secure Mainframe Access
Protect mainframe data with Attachmate terminal emulation solutions—all built to meet evolving security threats and stringent regulations.
Unisys Host Access
Learn why our secure Unisys solutions are chosen by organizations that can’t tolerate mistakes or delays—including the largest banks in the U.S., the world’s major airline companies, and multiple government agencies worldwide.
Airlines Solutions
Expect a clear takeoff with Attachmate software for secure airlines connectivity, printing, peripheral management, and common use operations. We’ve been developing solutions for airlines for 20+ years.
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Sales: 1-800-872-2829

For support information, please visit
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