Managed File Transfer

Global and significant shifts in the way people work are making it harder for IT leaders to protect vital information assets. The challenge of managing multiple kinds of file transfer and their associated security risks are enough to raise your blood pressure. Attachmate file transfer solutions sit at the heart of your organization, providing secure, managed file transfer capabilities for all your business needs.

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Modernize your enterprise file transfer:

Enable mobile workers

Enable mobile productivity while maintaining security, no matter the connection or device.

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Govern file sharing and collaboration

Offer your users easy file sharing that remains under IT’s watchful eye.

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Work with trusted business partners

Exchange files with trusted business partners in a way that’s scalable, secure, and efficient.

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Automate transfers

Automate most of your pre- and post-transfer processing steps.

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Transfer large files

Smoothly and safely transfer very large files of all kinds to colleagues and business partners.

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Product portfolio

An enterprise-ready managed file transfer solution that manages and executes the secure delivery of any-size files, across all major platforms, to any location.

A family of Secure Shell clients and servers for Windows and UNIX—all designed to protect data in motion. With these products, you can safely transfer sensitive data, manage remote servers, and access corporate applications over encrypted connections.



Besieged by File Transfer Demands?

Is your file transfer system keeping up with growing trading-partner requirements? Can it accommodate multiple platforms, protocols, and security standards? Can it successfully deliver large files, to the right person, on time? Learn how Attachmate FileXpress software enables secure, reliable, partner-friendly file exchanges of any size.


FileXpress Command Center Datasheet

FileXpress ® Command Center is your digital dashboard for all file transfer activity, inside and outside the enterprise. Transfer-related events can be initiated, tracked, logged, audited, and supported—all from one central location.


FileXpress Internet Server Datasheet

FileXpress ® Internet Server is the portal through which all Internet-traveling files flow. Designed for managed and secure file transfer, it lets you safely interact with partners and customers around the globe.


FileXpress Platform Server Datasheet

Attachmate FileXpress Platform Server is the engine that powers your file transfer infrastructure. It securely delivers files of any size, across all major platforms, to any location.


MFT and FileXpress - An Overview

File transfer—whether user-to-user, business-to-business, or application-to-application—plays a key role in the flow of business activity. But what happens when security, reliability, cost, and automation challenges threaten the ways in which files are transferred? This video shows how Attachmate FileXpress works with your systems and processes to keep business running smoothly.

Customer story

Video: Introduction to Novell Filr

Novell mobility solutions give you a secure, enterprise-class alternative to consumer-based file sharing solutions. Find out how Novell Filr lets you give your employees mobile file sharing and access, without ever putting your data at risk.


Webinar: The Evolution of File Transfer

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