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Attachmate MobileNow Solutions

Your users demand quick access to your mainframe applications anytime, anywhere. You need to provide that access in the most economical way possible, while maintaining flexibility and control.

Attachmate has more than 30 years of experience innovating and reinventing mainframe applications to meet new demands. So the mobility challenge is tailor-made for our proficiency. And our 65,000 worldwide customers attest to the fact that we know how to meet changing business needs.

Deliver essential business information to the right users at the right time

Deliver essential business information to the right users at the right time.

Attachmate MobileNow solutions help you respond at the speed of business. By delivering critical applications and data to edge devices, you can enhance user productivity, improve customer service, and rapidly respond to urgent requests.
Looking for the right approach to mobility in your enterprise?
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Extend existing mainframe applications for rapid time to market and big ROI.

The MobileNow approach means that you can quickly package your applications into any needed format for any device. It provides maximum return on a single effort by taking advantage of the investments that are already proven in your enterprise. Say goodbye to code re-writes and lengthy deployment cycles.
Say hello to legacy application access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Extend existing mainframe applications for rapid time to market and big ROI
Reuse what you have and reduce application footprint on mobile devices

Reuse what you have and reduce application footprint on mobile devices.

You’ve held on to your legacy applications because you trust them to keep your business running every day. And it’s smart to reuse them in your move to mobility. There’s no need to start from scratch, even when it comes to the most locked-down mainframe applications. And with the right tools you can implement zero footprint application access.
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Maintain the security of critical data.

Opening legacy data to mobile devices can introduce risk. You need to balance that risk against the demands for access and accountability. From encryption to continuous monitoring, Attachmate MobileNow solutions help take risk out of the equation. By providing ways to restrict, track, and analyze access to data, you can enforce security policies and gain powerful insight into user behavior.

Maintain the security of critical data
Keep your options open as you merge the old with the new

Keep your options open as you merge the old with the new.

Mobile enablement can be hard because devices are constantly being introduced or upgraded into your enterprise environment. Moreover, new apps and firmware are rolled out to the market every day. The velocity of change and the demands of BYOD will always be a challenge. But with Attachmate MobileNow solutions you can minimize the impact of device churn because your IT architecture remains open and dynamic.

The resources below offer timely information on the mobility challenge.

Solution Brief
Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce With Applications You Already Have

Mobile Enable Your Critical Applications
Walk through the actual steps taken by two organizations that integrated their legacy data and logic with mobile technologies.
Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity
Mobility experts discuss reasons for extending legacy applications to the spectrum of mobile devices, and ways to make it happen.

Mobile Enablement
Presentation of three ways to deliver legacy applications to mobile devices.
Service Enablement
Overview of ways to create services for continuous reuse of legacy applications.
Web Enablement
Overview of ways to present a simplified UI for legacy applications.
Load Distribution and Failover
An engineer’s view of using server domains and load distribution.
Case Study
Interview with a CTO whose state agency webified COBOL-based green screens.

Quick Demos
Three-Minute demo on mobile enablement of legacy applications
Six-minute demo on legacy service enablement
Five-Minute demo on legacy service orchestration

Technology Solutions
Verastream Host Integrator
Encapsulates data and logic via the screen interface to transform your enterprise host applications into SOA assets.
Verastream Process Designer
Lets you orchestrate your services to create new business workflows, in ways you never could before.
Reflection 2014
Next-gen terminal emulators compatible with the latest versions of Windows and optimized for mobile.

Essentials Series
Cloud Enabling Legacy and Mainframe Applications
Mainframe Application Modernization
SOA and Mainframe Applications
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