FileXpress 7.0 is out the door

by Sam Morris on November 29, 2010

We spend a lot of time in the Data in Motion blog talking about file transfer.  In the context of business, an electronic file can be thought of as a package of data, and a file transfer is that data package in motion between people or systems.  So almost by definition file transfer is data in motion.

Now Attachmate offers a family of file transfer solutions, branded FileXpress, and today Attachmate announced the availability of FileXpress 7.0, our latest release.

As always, this FileXpress 7.0 release is designed to support the core goals of the FileXpress product family, which include helping organizations do the following:

  • Exchange files securely
  • Transfer files of any size
  • Enable file transfer automation
  • Simplify file transfer administration
  • Improve visibility into file movement activity for support and auditing

These core goals for FileXpress help organizations solve some very important business problems, including:

  • How do we exchange sensitive information with our business partners and customers in a manner that is compliant with the data security regulations that govern our industry and the industries of those partners and customers?
  • How can we help our resource-constrained IT operations staff work smarter, not harder, when it comes to administering external file transfers and troubleshooting problems with file transfers that happen anywhere within the enterprise?
  • How can we help the business run more efficiently and smoothly by automating file transfers that support key business processes, even when the files may be very large or across disparate platforms?

How does the FileXpress 7.0 release support these goals and help solve these business problems?  Well, to quote from the press release:

FileXpress 7.0 helps information security, IT operations and IT architecture teams effectively manage file transfers within organizations by:

  • Making Internet File Transfer Secure – FileXpress 7.0 includes critical secure file transfer capabilities including support for a broad range of secure file transfer protocols, detailed file transfer auditing and an architecture that eliminates the need to store sensitive information outside of the corporate firewall in the DMZ.
  • Reducing the Burden of an Overtaxed IT Operations Team – FileXpress 7.0 helps manage and troubleshoot both internal and external file transfers through centralized logging with improved search capabilities, new server status alerts that notify when outages occur and more detailed SNMP messages for faster error determination and issue resolution.
  • Easily Integrating into Existing IT Infrastructure – FileXpress 7.0 integrates more easily with existing user registry architectures through new capabilities that support the use of a local user account database for external contacts while simultaneously leveraging an existing LDAP user registry for internal users.

If you would like to learn more about FileXpress, you can go to the FileXpress product family web page.

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