Bridging the gap between long-term strategy and the daily business needsTo keep pace with volatile market demands, IT organizations must find ways for their core enterprise applications to participate in new business-driven realms. Extending these core assets has become a top priority, and legacy applications – despite their limitations – need to play a key role in the modernization process. In the Legacy Modernization Blog, we will focus on

  • The drivers for change
  • The aspects of legacy systems that hold us back
  • What our options are to move forward

Posts will span these topics and, on occasion, may go a bit beyond.  Comments are welcome and encouraged.

About the Authors

  Ron Nunan is a chief strategist and senior product manager for Attachmate mainframe integration products, playing a central role in the company’s product development and applied technology solutions. He also has worked in the financial/accounting software industry and was a systems specialist, providing architectural support on enterprise class IBM-centric solutions.
  Kris Lall is a product manager for Attachmate Corporation. Kris has more than 20 years of experience in the host access and host connectivity industry, having served in roles that include technical support, systems engineering and product management. He started tinkering with computers when 16KB was the maximum addressable memory in a personal computer and software programs were loaded using a cassette drive. Kris uses this experience along with a math degree from the University of Washington and MBA in eBusiness to ensure Attachmate’s Reflection line of terminal-emulation products meet the demanding requirements of enterprise customers.
  Sam Morris is the Director of Product Marketing for Attachmate Corporation. Sam has 18 years of experience in the host access and host connectivity industry having served in roles that include technical support, sales systems engineering, product management and product marketing.
David Fletcher is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Emulation and Maintenance with the Attachmate Corporation. David has more than 15 years of experience in the host access and host connectivity market and has worked in roles that include technical support management, configuration management engineering and also vendor management. David has worked and traveled internationally working with both technical and processes teams. David has his a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Western Washington University.
EricRaisters-Color Eric Raisters, CISSP, CSSLP is the Manager of Secure Software Development at Attachmate Corporation and has 18 years of testing and development experience with  Attachmate’s security products.  He has worked with all Attachmate product teams to incorporate secure development practices into their development process. Eric previously worked as a geophysicist on the oil industry and has degrees on geology and oceanography.
Rogers Mike is the Director of Development at Attachmate and has more than 20 years of experience leading software development teams. He earned his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Washington and remains an avid supporter of UW athletics. When he’s not overseeing the development of innovative host access solutions, Mike can be found on the the softball and baseball fields coaching his kids’ teams.