1.0 About Management and Security Server 12.5

Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.5 released July 2018. See the Release Notes for details.

Open the About menu to view

  • Product Information: the installed Version and System Information for Host Access Management and Security Server.

  • Activated Products: the currently installed activation files (for add-on or other products), displayed on the Configure Settings - Product Activation panel.

  • Legal Information: the license agreement and legal notices.

1.1 About Management and Security Server

Using the Administrative Console, the administrator can centrally secure, manage, and monitor users’ access to configured sessions.

The product navigation has been redesigned with these menus:

  • Manage Sessions

  • Manage Packages

  • Assign Access

  • Configure Settings

  • Run Reports

1.2 About Add-On Products

Add-on products can be used to enhance Management and Security Server’s functionality with supplemental means of security. These products require separate licenses and can be installed along with Management and Security Server. Additional activation or configuration is required.

Add-on products include:

  • Security Proxy Server

  • Terminal ID Manager

  • Automated Sign-On for Mainframe

  • Micro Focus Advanced Authentication