Installing a Product with an Activation File

After purchasing an add-on product, you will receive information about downloading the product. Security Proxy, Terminal ID Manager, and Automated Sign-On for Mainframe are downloaded as activation files, which have this format:


  1. Download the activation file and note the download destination.

  2. In the Administrative WebStation, click Resources > About Management and Security Server.

  3. On the About Management and Security Server page, beneath the box, click Browse or Choose File (depending on your browser).

  4. Locate and select the activation file. Click Open.

  5. Click Install to add the product.

    The new product is included in the list of Installed products, and the configuration settings are available on the add-on product's tab in the Administrative WebStation.

  6. Restart your browser to ensure that the Administrative WebStation is fully updated with the new set of activation files. You do not need to restart the administrative server.

  7. If you installed either Security Proxy Add-On or Terminal ID Manager Add-On, continue with these steps to activate the server installation.