Metering Server

The Metering Server requires some additional setup before you can deploy metered terminal sessions. This optional component is included with Management and Security Server and can be installed using the automated installer.

Before you begin setting up metering, the Metering Server must be enabled (the default).

Metering can run on any supported web server with a servlet runner using Java 7 or later JRE. It is recommended, however, that you use the servlet runner that is installed when you use the automated installer, or is available in the multi-component file for manual installation.

If you have a different servlet runner already installed, follow your servlet runner's instructions for installing new Java servlets.

NOTE:In most deployments, only one metering server is needed to support all clients. If more than one metering server is run, the metering report numbers must be manually combined.The metering service does not support load balancing. Each emulation client must report directly to a single metering server.