Viewing Metering Reports

To view reports about metering activity:

  1. Start the servlet runner.

  2. Reports can be viewed from the Administrative WebStation or from the metering reports tool.

    • Start the Administrative WebStation. In the table of contents, under Reports, click Metering Reports. Ensure that your metering server is selected in the Metering web server box. Click Show Report.

    • To open the Metering Reports on the Windows machine where the metering server is installed, go to Start > All Programs > Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server > Metering Reports.

    • On other platforms or from a different machine, open a web browser and go to http://[metering server name]/meter/

  3. Either a login prompt or the main reports page opens. If you specified a password during installation or metering configuration, enter it and click Submit. If you installed manually, the default password is admin. You can change this password when you configure metering options.