Viewing Security Proxy Reports

To monitor security proxy server activity, check to be sure that the security proxy is running. Open the Security Proxy Server Report page in the Reports section of the Administrative WebStation. Select the security proxy that is currently running from the Security Proxy server list. Use the report to monitor two types of activity for the selected server:

  • Current activity

    Shows the current connections to the security proxy server, including the IP addresses of the computers connected.

  • History of activity

    Shows details about security proxy server events, such as when the proxy server was started and stopped, and connection attempts and the IP addresses that made them. If you experience any problems with the security proxy server, technical support may ask for information from the activity log file to aid in troubleshooting. Error, warning, and info messages are logged by default. You can change the types of information logged to include more or less information by using the Security Proxy Wizard.