Manual Installation: Administrative Server

If you are using a servlet runner other than Tomcat, you must install the Administrative Server as an individual component. Use mss.war for your platform (located in the install_manual directory) to install the Administrative Server.

Installing mss.war

Create an mss directory and extract mss.war into the mss directory. Follow the installation information in the documentation for your servlet runner on where to install web applications and what settings to configure.

Configuring the Administrative Server

It is recommended that you use the default location for the MSSData directory. If you need to use a different location, see Specifying the Location of Configuration Information.

SSL port: If your servlet runner is using a non-default SSL port, you must manually change the Administrative Server's PropertyDS.xml entry to match the SSL port of the servlet runner. (Management and Security Server uses port 443 for an HTTPS connection.) To do so:

  1. Start the Administrative Server (with defaults) to generate the PropertyDS.xml file. Note: If there is a port conflict, the administrative server may fail to start or function correctly.

  2. Open PropertyDS.xml in the MSSData directory.

  3. In the following line, change the value from 443 to the appropriate port number:

    <CORE_PROPERTY NAME="sslport">
  4. Restart the Administrative Server, with the correct port.