Management and Security Server Overview

Management and Security Server provides authentication, authorization, and secure access to enterprise resources. Secure access is delivered to applications on IBM, HP, UNIX, Linux, Unisys, and OpenVMS hosts.

In addition to providing access to terminal sessions, Management and Security Server provides the ability to secure your system with directory-based authorization, strong authentication, and centrally managed sessions and macros.

The overview diagram depicts the secure interactions between the client and the host, including the option to use the Security Proxy Add-On.


  1. User connects to the Administrative Server.

  2. User authenticates to a directory server (LDAP/Active Directory) or other identity management system (optional).

  3. The directory server provides user and group identity (optional).

  4. The Administrative Server sends an emulation session to the authenticated client.

  5. When the (optional) Security Proxy Server is configured for use by a session, the emulation client makes a TLS connection to Security Proxy and sends it a signed token.

  6. The Security Proxy Server validates the session token and establishes a connection to the specified host:port.

  7. When no Security Proxy is present or a session is not configured to use it, the authenticated user connects directly to the host.