Removing Components

To remove a product component from your computer, follow these steps:

  • All of the Management and Security Server components must be stopped to complete uninstallation. If you installed the product manually, stop the servlet runner and the Security Proxy (if added) and close the command windows before you begin uninstallation. If you installed the servlet runner and the Security Proxy as Windows services using the automated installer, the uninstaller will stop them automatically.

  • On Windows platforms, verify that no Management and Security Server directories are open in Windows Explorer (or other browser).

  • If you plan to remove either the Administrative Server, the Terminal ID Manager, or the Metering Server using the automated installer, be aware that you must uninstall web applications and the servlet runner at the same time.

  • To uninstall on Windows, use Programs and Features from the Control Panel.

  • If you used an automated installer for UNIX, run the uninstaller:


    Files not installed by the automated installer will not be removed. Static session pages that may be configured, or other customized content, will still be available following an automated uninstall.

  • If you installed a component manually, simply delete the directory where you extracted it. If you want to save the settings that you configured, be sure to retain the MSSData directory. For more information about retaining settings, see Upgrading from Reflection Security Gateway.