Unattended Installation

Management and Security Server installation is based on install4j technology, which supports unattended mode. Unattended installation enables you to install the product the same way on a series of computers.

NOTE:The Configuration Utilities do not support an unattended mode. These utilities run with a graphical user interface (or in an attended console mode). For more information, see Initial Configuration and Configuration Upgrade Utilities, which are optional for many upgrade scenarios.

  1. Install Management and Security Server on a machine using the automated installer. You can use the graphical interface or console mode (-c) to install the product.

    The installation process creates a text file, response.varfile, that contains the selected installation options.

  2. Copy response.varfile to another machine where you would like to install Management and Security Server. On the original machine, response.varfile is located here:

  3. Locate the appropriate executable (see Installing and Configuring with Automated Utilities) to install the product. Launch the installation program using the -q argument and a -varfile argument that specifies the location of response.varfile.

For example, to install Management and Security Server on a 64-bit Linux platform with a response.varfile located in the same directory, use this command, where <nn.n.nnn> is the product version and build number:

mss-<nn.n.nnn>-prod-linuxx-64.sh  –q –varfile response.varfile

You could also add the –c option to install in console mode, which would provide feedback such as "Extracting Files" and "Finishing Installation."