Installation Guide

  Installation Guide
    Preparing to Install
      Management and Security Server Overview
      Components and Add-On Products
        Administrative Server
        Metering Server
        Security Proxy Add-On
        Terminal ID Manager Add-On
        Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On
      System Requirements
        JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files
    Installing Management and Security Server
      Using the Automated Installer
        Automated Installation and Configuration: Checklist and Defaults
        Installing and Configuring with Automated Utilities
        Using the Automated Installer In Console Mode
        Unattended Installation
      Manual Installation Procedures
        Applying the JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files
        Manual Installation: Multi-Component
        Installing on Other UNIX platforms
        Manual Installation: Individual Components
        Manual Installation: Administrative Server
        Manual Installation: Security Proxy
        Manual Installation: Metering Server
        Manual Installation: Terminal ID Manager
        Specifying the Location of Configuration Information
      Configuration Tools
        Initial Configuration and Configuration Upgrade Utilities
        Running the HTTPS Certificate Utility
        Running the IIS Integration Utility
    Configuring Components and Add-Ons
      Administrative Server
      Security Proxy Server
        Generating an Administrative Server Certificate
        Using the Security Proxy Wizard
        Running the Security Proxy
        Creating Secure Sessions
        Viewing Security Proxy Reports
      Metering Server
        Creating Metered Sessions
        Opening the Metering Administration Tool
        Configuring License Pools
        Viewing Metering Reports
        Configuring Metering Options
      Terminal ID Manager
        Setting Up Terminal ID Manager
      Removing Components
    Upgrading from Reflection Security Gateway
      Directory Names and Installation Paths
      Automated Installation
      Manual Installation
    Starting the Administrative WebStation
      Starting the Servlet Runner
      Servlet Runner Launcher JVM Options
    Installing Add-On Products
      Installing a Product with an Activation File
        To activate the Security Proxy Server:
        To activate the Terminal ID Manager:
        To activate Automated Sign-On for Mainframe: