2.0 Evaluation Scenario

As an administrator, you are in charge of setting up Reflection for the Web to deploy secure sessions to mainframe applications via the web. You’ve been tasked with meeting the company requirements.

2.1 Company requirements

Your organization wants to:

  • Transition away from using Oracle’s JRE and/or the Java browser plug-in.

  • Ensure the end-user experience is not disrupted during the transition.

2.2 To meet these requirements

You know that the Reflection for the Web Launcher enables administrators to create and edit Reflection for the Web sessions that users can launch — without the need for Oracle’s JRE or the Java browser plug-in.

You can meet the company requirements by using the Reflection for the Web Launcher.

To evaluate the Reflection for the Web Launcher, you will

  • Install Reflection for the Web 13.1 (and MSS 12.6 SP1).

  • Create and configure a Reflection for the Web session.

  • Deploy the Reflection for the Web Launcher to a subset of users.

  • Test the user experience.

Continue with the Configuration Steps.

2.3 Our assumptions

  • Some user workstations have the Java plug-in, and some do not.

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