Reflection ZFE 2.0.1

The Reflection ZFE web client provides browser-based HTML5 access to 3270, 5250, VT, and UTS host applications. The Reflection ZFE product eliminates the need to touch the desktop; no software to deploy, patches to apply, or configurations to make. You can provide platform-independent user access to all your host applications.

The web client operates with complete session protection using SSL/TLS to secure communication with your mainframe systems.

Reflection ZFE consists of these components:

  • Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server

    Reflection ZFE uses the Management and Security Server (MSS) Administrative Server to create and manage host sessions. The Administrative Console is a centralized web site that contains administrative tools and its own documentation. You can configure, secure, deploy, and monitor terminal sessions from this central location. You can use a compatible version of MSS or install the version that is available with your Reflection ZFE installation.

  • Session Server

    The session server is an NT service or UNIX daemon that provides the engine that runs host sessions. You can have multiple session servers serving up multiple sessions to provide efficient and rapid access to your host data.

    Reflection ZFE Components for MSS – The Reflection ZFE management components must be installed on the Management and Security Server to use Reflection ZFE. If you select a remote Management and Security Server, the installation will verify that these components have been installed. If they have not been installed, you will need to install them.

  • Web Client

    The web client is a terminal emulator that can be accessed using only a browser. Once assigned, users can easily access authorized sessions from any platform and from any location.

  • Documentation

    Both the Reflection ZFE Web Client and Management and Security Server Administrative Console have complete documentation sets available from the user interface. Each product’s documentation is also available from the Micro Focus Support site in both HTML or PDF formats.

Getting Started as an Administrator

For a list of supported platforms and system requirements, see Technical Note 2837.

  • After you’ve installed Reflection ZFE, if you have additional deployment questions, see Configuring Installation Options.

  • To walk-through a sample workflow, read the Getting Started Guide. This guide starts with an administrator logging in to Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server Administrative Console and ends with your authenticated end-user connecting to a host session.

  • You create and authorize sessions for specific users using the Administrative Console, which is the administrative component to MSS and available from the Reflection ZFE Start menu.

  • You can use an URL to access Reflection ZFE (for example https://sessionserver:7443/zfe). Alternatively, if you are in an administrator role, you can access the Reflection ZFE web client using the Administrative Console Session Manager.

  • The web application initially displays a connection page in which you can enter host-specific information.

Getting Started as an End User

  • You have access to a Reflection ZFE session using the URL provided by your administrator. It will look something like this: https://sessionserver:7443/zfe.

  • Using Sessions provides how-to information and instructions on navigating Reflection ZFE.

  • End-user macros are created by individuals for sessions they are authorized to access. The administrator grants permission to create macros when the session is created.