Set VT scrollback buffer options

The VT scrollback buffer contains the data that has scrolled off the display and is no longer accessible by the host computer. When a scrollback buffer exists, you can view it by using the vertical scroll bar.

The scrollback buffer is enabled by default. When enabled, the session maintains a buffer of lines that have scrolled off the terminal screen. This option is available to all users when they are granted permission to modify Terminal Display Settings by the administrator.

This option

Does this...

Scrollback row limit

Limits the number of rows held in the scrollback buffer. The default setting is 500 rows.

Save display before clearing

When selected (the default), the data on the terminal display moves into the scrollback buffer when you, or the host, clear the terminal display. If you prefer not to have the terminal display saved to the scrollback buffer, clear this option; when the terminal display is cleared, the data is discarded.

Save from scrolling regions

When top and bottom screen margins are set (for example, by a text editor such as EDT or TPU, or with the DECSTBM function) the area within the margins is called the scrolling region. When this option is cleared, scrolling text within this region isn’t saved to the scrollback buffer. Select this option to save information within scrolling regions to the scrollback buffer. Note: This can cause display memory to fill quickly.

Save before clearing from any row

This setting specifies whether data that has been cleared from a portion of the terminal window is saved in display memory.

Compress blank rows

Select this option to save room in display memory by compressing multiple blank rows into a single blank row.