2.2 Evaluating Reflection ZFE

Reflection ZFE is a zero-footprint terminal emulator that lets you:

  • Forget about desktop software management and dependencies

  • Centralize control of all host access to mainframe applications for both user provisioning and security requirements

  • Gain insight into end-user host access using centralized metering and reporting to optimize computing resources

If you don’t have our software yet, visit https://www.microfocus.com/products/reflection/zfe/trial/ and fill out an evaluation request form. You’ll be sent an e-mail message with instructions to download and install Reflection ZFE.

If you have questions about using the download site, see Using the Micro Focus Downloads Web Site (FAQ).

The installation wizard walks you through the installation process.

When you install Reflection ZFE, make sure that you are pointing to the Management and Security Server you want to use. MSS uses an activation file to provide product-specific functionality. This file should already be in place, however you can import an activation file from the Micro Focus download location or use an existing MSS that has already been installed. Activation file names use this format:


2.2.1 Additional resources

To read more about Reflection ZFE and Micro Focus there are a number of resources available.