Getting Started with Reflection ZFE

Reflection ZFE provides terminal emulation for 3270, 5250, VT, UTS, and T27 host types using nothing more than an HTML5-capable browser. It simplifies management, provides centralized patching and security roll outs, and makes administration on a desk-top level a thing of the past.

Reflection ZFE consists of a session server, management server (Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server), and the web client. Session allocation, and authorization and authentication are handled through the Management and Security Server (MSS) Administrative Console. The session server provides the engine that serves the sessions to the multiple users that need to connect to your host data. The web client is a terminal emulator that is accessed through a browser. Once assigned a session, as long as your user has browser access, they have access to the host.

See the installation section of the Reflection ZFE User Guide for system requirements and install information.