ZFE JavaScript API

The Embed SDK provides a mechanism to embed the ZFE webclient in a browser page and programatically interact with host sessions.

Getting Started

The library is packaged with the session server and available at <zfe-server>/zfe/connector/zfe-embed-sdk.js.

Using the UMD module via the browser

If loading the SDK directly into a web page using a script tag, the root ZFE object constructor will be made available as a UMD module at the global ZFE.ZFE.

<script src="http://zfe.company.com:7070/zfe/connector/zfe-embed-sdk.js"></script>
  var zfe = new ZFE.ZFE(opts);

Using AMD or ES6 module with a JS build tool

If using the SDK in a modular JavaScript app, you'll need to first download it and make it available to your build environment, then can require/import it as with your other libraries.

// if using AMD/CommonJS style modules
const ZFE = require('libs/zfe-embed-sdk').ZFE;
// if using ES6 modules
import ZFE from 'libs/zfe-embed-sdk';

var zfe = new ZFE(opts);

Next steps