How does it work?

It is a simple solution. Reflection ZFE drives down IT costs. You have eliminated the need to touch the desktop.

Reflection ZFE components

  • Host Access Management and Security Server

    The Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) provides an Administrative Console, a web-based centralized location where you can add, edit, and delete terminal sessions. MSS is part of the broader Micro Focus story and is compatible with other Micro Focus products.

  • Session Server

    The session server is an NT service or UNIX daemon that provides the engine that runs host sessions. Multiple session servers can serve up tens of thousands of sessions and provide efficient and rapid access to your host data.

  • Web Client

    The web client is the web-based terminal emulator where your users can easily access authorized sessions from any platform and from any location.

    The Web client provides macros, keyboard and color mapping, on-screen keyboard, copy/paste functionality, host-initiated screen updates, and file transfer capabilities.

Browser and operating system support

Reflection ZFE is a 64-bit product and supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. A complete list of supported platforms and other installation requirements is available in the Installation Guide.

Security considerations

When you open up your legacy hosts to users outside the corporate firewall - business partners, remote users, mobile sales personnel, and others - you need to shield your information from known security threats. With Reflection ZFE, you can provide secure web-to-host access to all your users, whether they’re around the corner or around the world. Reflection ZFE, along with the MSS, provides HTTPS connections and a variety of authorization and authentication options.

Reflection ZFE supports the TLS and SSH protocols to protect mission-critical data. To secure your passwords and other sensitive data, use the HTTPS protocol, which provides TLS encryption. Supported cipher suites include AES128, 168-bit Triple DES, and other strong ciphers, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data over the Internet and other insecure networks.

Reflection ZFE can be connected securely to the browser, the host, and the management server. See Making Secure Connections for information on securing those connections.