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Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On

Micro Focus Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On works with Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) to automatically sign users on to IBM 3270 applications. No more risky eight character passwords to remember. No more password-management headaches. Without recoding, you can facilitate compliance with today’s highest-level security mandates—even for mainframe access—all within the context of your identity and access management (IAM) framework. That means your IT burden just got a whole lot lighter.

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  • Stronger security for mainframe applications—without recoding.
  • Integration of RACF with existing IAM systems
  • Extension of multifactor authentication (including smart cards) all the way to the mainframe.
  • Seamless logon experience for mainframe application users—and easier password management for IT

Product Highlights

Strengthen mainframe authentication without recoding

Eight-character passwords are risky. Once, the only fix was to recode your mainframe applications—a dangerous, impractical option. Luckily, times have changed.

Now Automated Sign-On offers a safe, effective way to strengthen mainframe security. Working with the IBM z/OS Digital Certificate Access Server, it obtains a one-time-use RACF PassTicket for the target application. It then passes the ticket to your Micro Focus emulator, which automatically logs the user on to the application. It’s the strongest authentication possible, for your most critical applications.

Integrate IBM mainframes and IAM

As organizations implement IAM systems, the mighty mainframe has been left out in the cold. That’s because integrating RACF and IAM is complicated. And no one wants to dumb down enterprise-wide credentials to eight-character passwords.

Automated Sign-On is the technology bridge you need. Working with MSS, it integrates your IAM system with RACF. That means you can authenticate, authorize, and audit mainframe access—just like you can for your other enterprise applications.

1. The terminal emulation client launches a host session and requests user credentials for the host application from Automated Sign-On 2. Automated Sign-On requests a one-time-use PassTicket from RACF and sends it back to the terminal emulation client. 3. The terminal emulation client uses a one-time-use PassTicket credential to automatically log the user on to the host application.

Adapt with ease to changing security requirements

Automated Sign-On is built to meet evolving security mandates in every sector—from private industry to the federal government.

The big push right now involves moving from one-factor to multifactor authentication. You can make this shift for mainframe application access by teaming Automated Sign-On with MSS. Once users have authenticated to MSS (e.g., with a smart card), Automated Sign-On works behind the scenes to extend multifactor authentication to mainframe applications as well.

Reinforce security without jeopardizing usability

Adding new levels of security typically goes hand-in-hand with adding new levels of complexity for users. Automated Sign-On has the opposite effect.

With this add-on product, users no longer need to take the additional step of entering a password to log on to their mainframe applications after authenticating to MSS. Automated Sign-On handles that for them. It’s a win-win solution for users and security-conscious IT—who can finally get out of the password-management game.