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Reflection X 14.1

Reflection X is a high-powered PC X server that connects Windows users to graphical and character-based applications on UNIX systems. Built with SSH and OpenGL support, Reflection X renders and displays X Window applications with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Quick View

  • Connect Windows users to graphical and character-based applications on UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS systems.
  • Display highly graphical and 3D X applications via OpenGL 1.5 and GLX 1.4.
  • Ensure secure communications with a Secure Shell (SSH) client that offers X11 forwarding, interactive and batch session capabilities (ssh), and secure file transfer (sftp and scp).
  • Enable user-driven and automated file transfers with drag-and-drop, command line, and API file transfer interfaces that support a broad range of protocols, including FTP, FTP/S, and SFTP.
  • Provide access to X applications over the most popular desktop virtualization environments, including Windows Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server.
  • Leverage native 64-bit support in Microsoft Windows.

Product Highlights

You can seamlessly copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and UNIX-based applications.

UNIX apps and Windows desktops— a seamless relationship

Reflection X seamlessly integrates UNIX applications and Windows desktops. For example, you can easily launch a graphical UNIX application using a desktop shortcut; the UNIX application appears to be running in Windows. You can minimize, maximize, restore, and close your UNIX application just like you can with a Windows application. You can also copy and paste text and images from Windows to UNIX, and vice versa.

You can access graphical X Window environments, run terminal-based applications, and transfer files—all with a single solution.

Time-saving configuration wizards and templates

You can easily set up your PC server environment with Reflection X’s built-in configuration wizards and templates. The Reflection X Client Wizard steps you through the configuration process—gathering information on the target host system, security settings, and client command line. It even generates a startup shortcut for future use. Reflection X also offers quick-start templates for configuring your X server.

Multiple solutions rolled into one

With a powerful PC X server, VT terminal emulator, and secure FTP client, Reflection X covers the full spectrum of UNIX-based host access needs. This multipurpose solution provides connections to both graphical and character-based applications. It also safely transfers the files that keep your business running.

Precise 2D and 3D graphics with OpenGL support

Reflection X supports CAD/CAM, modeling, animation, and simulation applications that leverage the OpenGL API. That means Windows users can access powerful graphical applications that deliver high-quality 2D/3D color images and use functions such as modeling, transformations, color, lighting, smooth shading, and texture mapping.

High-level security, high-level compliance

Reflection X is designed to help you meet both internal and external security requirements. In addition to providing the latest SSH, SSL/TLS, and Kerberos encryption and authentication technologies, Reflection X is validated for FIPS 140-2 and certified for DoD PKI—the U.S. government’s top security standards. This high level of security helps you comply with mandates driven by PCI audits, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and Basel II.