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Reflection for Secure IT Gateway

Micro Focus Reflection for Secure IT Gateway is an SSH-based solution that secures business-to-business file transfers. Sitting between the user and your SFTP server, Reflection for Secure IT Gateway serves as a central control point—exposing files for inspection and managing what happens to them next. It meets a range of needs—from enterprise-level automation to protection against advanced persistent threats—with strong authentication, centralized visibility, and end-to-end control.

Quick View

  • Gain centralized visibility and web-based control of your entire file transfer operation.
  • Expose encrypted files for inspection by third-party tools.
  • Strengthen access control by replacing passwords with PKI Certificates.
  • Scan directories for files and automate follow-up actions on a given file or files.
  • Automate the transfer of files, including pre- and post-transfer processing.
  • Configure a list of successive actions to be taken on a file, and send notifications based on the outcomes of those actions.
  • Control SFTP server rights from a central location to reduce security risks.

Product Highlights

Reflection for Secure IT Gateway helps you control privileged users and stop advanced persistent threats

Expose, inspect, and control

SFTP works flawlessly. The bad guys can’t see what’s being transferred. The problem is that IT staff can’t see anything either, so it’s nearly impossible to forensically evaluate malicious activity tied to privileged users. Reflection for Secure IT Gateway changes that—by exposing files for third-party inspection and managing what happens next. For example, you can automatically run a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) or virus scan and take prescriptive action based on the results.

Strengthen authentication with PKI

Make sure that only those individuals with proper authorization can send and receive files. Reflection for Secure IT Gateway enables you to require highly secure Public Key Authentication (PKI) Certificates, rather than passwords, for accessing your SFTP server. It’s the first step to truly securing file transfer within your enterprise.

See all, manage all

Track every file going in and out of your enterprise, including what’s in it and who transferred it. Grant and manage SFTP administrator rights. Provision users. Configure transfers. Create jobs. Delegate tasks. And troubleshoot problems. Do it all from a central location using a powerful browser-based interface.

Automate actions for files

Save time, reduce risk, and eliminate human error by automating the transfer of files—including pre- and post-transfer processing. You can automatically scan directories for files as they arrive and create a list of actions to be performed in successive order on a given file or files—e.g., run virus scans, copy files to other locations, or populate databases with file contents. If any action in your sequence fails, no further actions occur and a failure notification can be sent.

Streamline file transfers

Simply upload or download files—even entire directory trees—by dragging and dropping. Suspend a transfer and restart it again at the point where it was paused. Set automated emails for events such as new file download availability, file transfer success, new site creation, and new user creation. File transfers are easy with Reflection for Secure IT Gateway.

Capture and log activity

With audit logging, you can maintain a record of file transfer activity and track details such as who sent what to whom and when. You can also collect key audit information to troubleshoot failed transfers and meet growing regulatory requirements with confidence.