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The Move to Standardized Terminal Emulation: 5 Questions to Help You Find the Right Vendor

In the world of IT, managing desktop churn is a fact of life. After last decade’s flurry of corporate reorgs, you’re supporting more applications than ever before—sometimes 20+ per desktop. You’re also managing more vendor contracts as a result.

Given the complexity, inefficiency, and cost of this task, it’s not hard to make the business case for moving to a single-vendor solution for terminal emulation. But when should you make the move, and how do you choose the right vendor?

Why move to an all-Micro Focus solution?

Here are a few good reasons

  • Support for leading virtualization platforms— VMware, Citrix XenApp, and Microsoft APP-V.
  • Multiple levels of security, including SSL/TLS, SSH, and Kerberos.
  • Centralized management and deployment options.
  • A completely modern user experience.
  • World-class, award-winning customer support.
  • Seamless upgrades from Micro Focus and non-Micro Focus terminal emulators—preserving settings, macros, and keyboard maps.
  • Proven migration plans, inventory assessments, deployment services, and training.
  • We have been committed to terminal emulation for nearly three decades. We know how to address your evolving desktop needs.

The right time, the right questions

With terminal emulation software, you can connect Windows and browser users to applications on all major host and server platforms.

The best time to standardize is during a desktop refresh, when the cost of replacement is lowest. To zero in on the right vendor, ask yourself these five questions

  1. Is the vendor committed to terminal emulation? If terminal emulation is not the vendor’s primary focus, you’ll eventually feel the lack of interest. At Micro Focus, we’ve been focused on terminal emulation for nearly thirty years.

    No other company offers deeper functionality, for more host types, than we do. Our terminal emulators can connect to applications on all major host and server platforms, including IBM, HP, UNIX, Unisys, Tandem, and OpenVMS.

    Our products also support new and proven technologies—from operating systems (Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux), virtualization platforms (VMware, Citrix XenApp, and Microsoft App-V), and security methods (SSL/TLS, SSH, Kerberos, User Account Control, and trusted locations) to Microsoft standards (Microsoft Office, Ribbon UI, VBA, .NET, and UAC).

  2. Does the vendor have a history of technological innovation? A terminal emulator that can’t keep pace with your evolving needs will hurt business. When PCs emerged in the early ’80s, we pioneered terminal emulation software. Building on that expertise, we began offering host access over company networks, and eventually, over the web. Today, we make a significant investment in R & D, with these results.

    • Productivity features. Knowledge workers who depend on host applications to perform their daily work will benefit from Micro Focus productivity features, which make host applications function like standard Office applications. Spell Check, AutoComplete, AutoExpand, and Screen History are just a few of the innovative features that make workers more productive.
    • Programming tools. Our solutions offer the broadest range of programmatic tools available today—letting you quickly develop an application with the advanced development environment provided by .NET or embed a host session in a browser to create a custom application. What’s more, your IT organization’s existing VBA programming skills are fully transferable and can be leveraged within our solutions to automate business processes.
    • Integrated security. Security is built into the fabric of our development processes. Thanks to our dedicated security team, our terminal emulators provide:
      • Comprehensive support for existing security infrastructures. Our terminal emulators support existing authorization and authentication technologies, such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, and web portal authentication methods.
      • Encryption technology that meets today’s stringent security mandates. To protect data in motion, integrated security components provide the latest SSL/TLS, SSH, and Kerberos client-side data encryption and authentication technologies. Our cryptographic technology also meets the stringent requirements outlined by the U.S. government’s FIPS 140-2 security standard. Consequently, customer account information traveling over the network between a PC and a host application is protected by cryptography, and the cryptographic algorithms have been validated as secure.
      • User-level security features. Our terminal emulators include features designed to protect customer data and secure the desktop. For example, privacy filters allow you to mask sensitive host data—such as personal identification or credit card numbers—on host screens. You can configure our products to allow users to run sessions, keyboard maps, or macros from predesignated trusted locations. UAC support helps you control which tasks users can perform within our products and enables you to quickly make configuration changes. This level of security is unmatched by competitive products.
  3. Does the vendor have experience and staying power? No one wants to invest heavily with a vendor who won’t be around tomorrow. For nearly three decades, we’ve been stable, profitable, and committed to developing quality IT solutions backed by highly rated support. Our products and services span the globe through a tight network of business partners, strategic alliances, and offices. Today, more than 65,000 customers use our technology to put their IT assets to work in new and meaningful ways.

  4. Can the vendor meet your technical support needs? At Micro Focus, knowledgeable technicians with years of experience are available via phone and email. Our self-service resources, including online support, are comprehensive and content is updated regularly. And if you need help automating a business process that involves your legacy host applications, Consulting Services has the expertise to get the job done.

  5. Will the vendor help you navigate the standardization process? To ease the transition, we provide a comprehensive set of conversion tools for switching customized emulation settings and macros to an all-Micro Focus solution. We augment our programmatic tools with expert migration services that include

    • Runtime support for the macros and session files of competitive products
    • An environmental assessment of existing emulation client macros, keyboard maps, and other custom settings
    • Four-phase migration guide and checklist
    • Sample software inventory report
    • Full-function evaluation software, with complimentary technical support during your evaluation period

With our help, you can successfully move from competitive terminal emulation products to Reflection.

Switch and save

Current economic environment and business conditions mean that companies need to continue looking for ways to cut costs and run their businesses more effectively. Minimizing the quantity of contracts being maintained with partners can significantly increase efficiencies and reduce internal administration costs. As you go through the process of consolidating vendors and solutions, you’ll want to consider vendors with the experience and expertise to deliver the goods, now and in the long term. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have the expertise you need.