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An Alternate Route
to Green-Screen

Simple, efficient, and mobile

Traditional green-screen applications are rich in business logic and high in business value. Usability is another story. Clunky, old-fashioned UIs frustrate today’s users and hurt productivity. The typical modernization project is long, complicated, and riddled with risk. But now Rumba+ offers a safe, efficient, cost-effective way to boost business performance with anywhere, anytime access—from desktop, web, and mobile devices.

At a Glance

Keep it simple.

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, error-prone operations. Transform multiple, complex green screens into intuitive, user-friendly interfaces—without modifying the underlying application. See user productivity climb.

Drive efficiency.

Use modern controls to create a streamlined work environment. No more navigating away from, or switching between, multiple screens. With Rumba+, users can instantly access the data and applications they need—Google maps, graphs, tables, calendars, VOIP, and more—from one location.

Go mobile now.

Give users freedom to move, 24/7. Let them access their core applications via web, desktop, and mobile interfaces. Now they can easily use their device of choice—whether it’s a Windows PC, tablet, or smart phone—to get their work done.

Team up with Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)

Integrate the host and IAM

Streamline and secure your host-access operation by teaming Reflection, Rumba+, or InfoConnect emulators with MSS. Working with your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, MSS seamlessly propagates changes to application settings and user-specific content—right here, right now, from a central server. Next time users launch a session, they’ll receive the changes.

Take centralized control

Manage host-access operations from your central MSS console. Lock down 100s (or 1000s) of far-flung desktops with ease. Grant or deny access based on group or role. Apply changes quickly to align with business needs. Make post-install adjustments on the fly. Do it on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Reinforce security as you remove passwords

Finally, you can bring your host into the IAM fold. That means you can replace weak, eight-character passwords with strong, complex ones. Implement strong authentication. Say goodbye to host passwords and automatically sign users on to their mainframe applications. It’s safe, manageable, and economical with MSS.


Apply modern controls

Boost user productivity with modern controls such as drop-down menus, graphs, phone systems, multiple tabs, and multi-screen tables. Reduce the learning curve by introducing familiar interfaces and modern technologies. Do it all without specialized programming knowledge.

Balance change and risk

Expose key application functions in an entirely new way, without the risks involved in rewriting parts of a core application. Rumba+ enables you to make the appropriate changes to green screens at a pace that suits your business, and requires no specialist knowledge.

Deploy with ease

With powerful deployment capabilities, Rumba+ unique custom controls can be easily distributed to the entire organization or specific departments. Easily deploy unified custom modernization to all users on desktop or mobile devices.

Product Portfolio


A terminal emulation solution with innovative UI modernization technology, Rumba+ gives users an updated environment for accessing core applications from desktop, web, and mobile devices.


  Customer Success Story

Allianz UK

When Allianz UK migrated to Windows 7, they also upgraded their Micro Focus® Rumba emulators—gaining new productivity features without losing existing work.

  Customer Success Story

Avis Europe

Avis Europe PLC is using Micro Focus® OnWeb as the core of an extranet application.

  Customer Success Story

Aviva Italia

With Micro Focus® OnWeb, Aviva speeds up partner access to policies and enables real-time insurance quotes.

  Customer Success Story

BBVA Bancomer

BBVA Bancomer maintains its competitive edge by quickly deploying online transaction services to more than 200,000 users with the help of Micro Focus® Rumba.

  Customer Success Story


Thanks to Micro Focus® OnWeb, Comcast Washington is streamlining mainframe-based processes, optimizing workflows, and achieving a higher close rate with potential subscribers.

  Customer Success Story


With Micro Focus® OnWeb, the automotive company simplified the ordering process for dealers and improved the buying experience for customers.

  Customer Success Story


The outdoor recreation retailer gives users easy mainframe access with Micro Focus® Rumba.

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  Data sheet
  Customer Success Story

Steyer Textilservice

During a bid for a customer contract, Steyer Textilservice turned to Micro Focus® OnWeb to provide a web­-based ERP interface, which helped them win the contract.

  Customer Success Story

The Brick

The Brick, a Canadian furniture retailer, looked to Micro Focus® OnWeb.

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