Manual Installation: Multi-Component

If you plan to use Tomcat, the servlet runner included with the product, but you cannot use the automated installer, use the multi-component archive file that contains all necessary components. The archive file includes the following:

  • Management and Security Server

  • Metering Server

  • Terminal ID Manager (if licensed)

  • Security Proxy Server (if licensed)

  • Tomcat servlet runner

  • The JRE for the appropriate platform

Archive File



Multi-component zip file for Windows 64- bit systems


Multi-component zip file for Windows 32- bit systems

  • mss-prod-linuxx64-manual.tar.gz

Multi-component archive file for Linux 64-bit systems

  • mss-prod-linuxia32-manual.tar.gz

Multi-component archive file for Linux 32-bit systems

Extract the files; then run the appropriate automated configuration utility. If you are upgrading, run the Configuration Upgrade Utility after extracting the files. For a new installation, run the Initial Configuration utility.

If you are planning to run individual components on multiple systems, you can use the archive file for the appropriate platform in all instances. After extracting the files, use a configuration utility to configure the components for each system. If you cannot run the configuration utility after extracting the files, you can complete the configuration manually. For example, you can disable the Metering Server and the Terminal ID Manager by simply deleting the folders for those components.

After you have installed the Administrative Server and completed this part of the configuration, you can start the servlet runner and run the Administrative WebStation. To configure the Security Proxy Server, generate or import an Administrative Server security certificate.